Topics: Parking lot, Parking, Parking space Pages: 8 (1846 words) Published: February 10, 2015
A. Introduction
Now days in many public places such as malls, multiplex systems, hospitals, offices, market areas there is a crucial problem of car parking. The car-parking area has many lanes/slots for car parking. So to park a car one has to look for all the lanes. Moreover this involves a lot of manual labor and investment. So there is a need to develop an automated parking system that indicates directly the availability of vacant parking slots in any lane right at the entrance. The project involves a system including switch pad and an SSD display outside the car parking gate. So the person desirous to park his vehicle is well informed about the status of availability of parking slot. Conventional parking systems do not have any intelligent monitoring system and the parking lots are monitored by security guards. B. Statement of the Problem

A lot of time is wasted in searching vacant slot for parking and many times it creates jams. Conditions become worse when there are multiple parking lanes and each lane with multiple parking slots. C. Objective of the Study

Proposed parking system would save time and provide comfortable hazel free parking experience to the users. Features of the parking management system are as listed below: Monitoring of parking space and updated indication of vacant parking slots. Assistance to the parking place via displays.

D. Significance of the Study
The study mainly evolved on how the design project could be accessed as an automated parking system according to its beneficiaries: For Entrepreneurs
This project can be used by the entrepreneurs for their business and customers. For Establishments
This project can also be applied in other public and private places such as malls, and for school used. For Future Researches
For the researcher, this study helped them by giving an idea upon conducting the research to develop the same project. For the Proponents
Future researchers will benefit from this study, and it will provide them the facts needed to compare their study during their respective time and usability. E. Scope and Limitations
The study focuses on using automated parking system using microcontroller. Scopes
Can display how many slots are available.
Parking place has a fixed of 30 slots, which is imposed by technical limitations.

A. Related Literature
Development of a RFID Based Attendance System
The work presented in this paper discusses the RFID-Based Automatic Vehicle Parking System. The antenna emits radio signals to activate the tag and read/write data from/to it. It is the conduit between the tag and the transceiver, which controls the system’s data acquisition and communication.  Antennae are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. These can be built into a door frame to receive tag data from persons or things passing through the door, or mounted on an inter-state tollbooth to monitor the traffic passing by on a freeway. The electromagnetic field produced by the antenna can be constantly present when multiple tags are expected continually. If constant interrogation is not required, a sensor device can activate the field. Induction Loop Vehicle Detector

An induction loop vehicle detector comprises an oscillator circuit having a plurality of capacitors switchable in circuit with a road loop under the control of a microcomputer to determine the oscillator frequency. The microcomputer monitors the oscillator frequency and controls the switching of the capacitors to periodically return the frequency to a predetermined value.  A counter counts a predetermined number of oscillator cycles and gates of h.f. clock into a second counter whereby the count of the counter represents the oscillator period. A "vehicle detected" output is given when the monitored frequency alters by more than a predetermined amount, representing a decrease...
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