Microorganisms Are Everywhere

Topics: Agar plate, Growth medium, Microorganism Pages: 4 (992 words) Published: November 10, 2014
Title: Microorganisms are everywhere.
Tara Brady
In this experiment, my aim is to prove that microorganisms are present everywhere and that nowhere in our everyday lives is free from bacteria. I expect this to be the case as even germicide soaps do not kill all bacteria present on our skin; likewise household cleaning products are incapable of killing all microorganisms present. I am doing his experiment to verify the concept that microorganisms are everywhere and I most certainly expect my results to prove so. I expect to find many shapes, sizes, colours and indeed types of microorganisms present when I observe the morphology of the colonies present. Materials and methods:

Diluent 0.1% peptone.
TSA (Trypticase soy agar) plate.
SDA (Sabouraud agar) plate.
Note: I used one side of each to place a sample from the environment and the other side of each to place a sample from my body.

1. I carried out aseptic technique this involved wiping down my area of the bench using disinfectant. I then set up the Bunsen burner within this area. I opened the packet of the sterilised swab took it out of the packet, I placed the lid of the diluent 0.1% peptone in the palm of the hand carrying the swab and I held the diluent 0.1% peptone in the other hand I rolled the rim of the bottle of it in the blue flame of the Bunsen to disinfect it, dipped the swab in it, and then quickly placed the swab back in its packet and rerolled the rim of the diluent 0.1% peptone in the flame again and promptly reapplied the lid. 2. To take the swabs from the environment, I removed he swabs from their packets and swabbed the floor of the lab and put them back in their packets. To take the swabs from myself, I removed he swabs from their packets and swabbed the inside of my cheek and put them back in their packets.

3. I then lifted the lid of the TSA plate slightly at an angle to prevent airborne microorganisms from contaminating the agar and smeared the...

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