Microcontroller Based Sms Micro E-Load Vending Machine

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Microcontroller based SMS Micro E-load Vending machine

A Thesis Topic Proposal Presented to the Faculty of the Department of Electronics & Communications Engineering College of Engineering, De La Salle University

In Partial Fulfillment of The Requirements for the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communications Engineering

By Cu, Joshua C. Uy, Jeckson T. August, 2006



Background of the Study
Presently, there has been a world-wide spread use of cellular phones. Cellular

communication plays an important role in our daily life. It helps us locate and be in touch with another person in a remote location. Since the Philippines being a developing country 33% of our population is under poverty (Senate Economic Planning Office, 2005). Wireless Telecommunications Company offered prepaid loading option that is highly suitable in the Philippine setting. Subscribers purchase consumable credits for their account in preset denominations. These gave subscribers limited option to choose the amount they will load up. Then in 2003, telecommunication companies addressed that problem by launching a nation-wide auto reloading stations through a retailer SIM card that vendors can use to pass an amount of load as specified by the subscriber starting at an appreciable amount of money with an increment of one peso. This new prepaid loading service was introduced to capture the interest of budget minded Filipinos or blue collared employees that prefers to load up in smaller denomination. It is difficult for these people to purchase prepaid loads amounting to hundreds of pesos in one transaction because of their daily budget. That is why people are in a day-to-day basis of buying prepaid loads and a wide-spread of auto loading services nationwide. Subscribers can reload from a minimum of P25 up to a


thousand with a P1 denomination. Business people are attracted to this service because it is a low investment business which a person can manage on his/her own.


Statement of the Problem
The current process of e-load reloading is typing the password, recipient’s phone

number and the amount of prepaid credit. A mere “0” added to the amount could lead to an enormous loss of income. There will be no means to cancel the transaction once it has been sent. Considering that the earnings are small, any mistakes made are devastating. That’s why it is very important to encode the proper amount and number to the GSM device. A prepaid load can also not be delivered properly when the vendor themselves commits mistake in encoding the recipient’s number. Telecommunication companies are not liable to the mistakes done by the retailer. That’s why there is a need to eliminate the cause of this error. There is a need to automate the current auto loading system implemented here in the Philippines. As seen in most stores, the prepaid auto reloading services are being done manually with the vendor using his/her cellular phone to make the transaction. Considering that the transaction is being processed manually, there is the chance for the seller to commit unwanted mistakes, mistakes which could lead to money loss or the loss of income. To avoid these unnecessary mistakes, there is a need to automate (“interview”, 2006).



There is a need eliminate the cause of error in the conventional auto reloading services.

1.3.1. General Objective(s)
To automate the prepaid auto loading services implemented here in the Philippines by constructing a vending machine.

1.3.2. Specific Objectives To use a microcontroller. To use GSM device interfaced with microcontroller in sending masked SMS. To be able to accept bills and coins. To be able to give the proper change if necessary. To provide a dot matrix LCD to the system. To log all transactions made in the microcontroller’s internal memory. To use an...
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