Microbiology Lab Report

Topics: Organism, Bacteria, Biology Pages: 2 (321 words) Published: April 17, 2013
Page I - Cover sheet
In the middle f the page give name and number of your microorganism In the right lower corner provide
- your name
- Lab section number (Biol 108-005)
- Date submitted ( 4/18/2013)
- the unknown tube # is 5

Page II table of result - This page will have your table of results include the following information - Name of the test
- Medium used
- Indicator used
- your results

Part III - All the test done
As many pages as needed to do a complete job. in this section you are describing in detail all the tests that was done( all of the chemistry and biochemical reactions) - color change that indicates negative results with explanation which means the substrate, enzyme, products, media, indicator and negative and positive result - the enzyme that are needed for the reaction to take place

- indicate what role of medium in the reaction is
-what reagent is needed to identify the final product

Part IV - discussion of Results
-as many pages as needed to do a complete job
- this is the most important part of the report. Discuss in a logical and step by step how you concluded that you had a certain microorganism. If you had gram negative organism you need to explain which organisms were part of the study and how you eliminated three of them. - To convince your reader you need phrases like;

- This negative result" suggested " that my organism is Proteus Vulgaris - this negative result "confirmed or Reaffirmed" that the organism is Proteus Vulgaris

- Part V (one page) significance of your particular organism: - Pathogenic, resident flora, or opportunist organism
- Disease caused
- Treatment
- Other related information

NOTE: Science writing is brief, concise and down to the point. Avoid long introductions and sentences

this paper is due on the 18th which mean tomorrow at 7 am
Thank you

Please remember to separate each part separately
also she accepts this formula too like:...
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