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Extant microorganisms are organisms from the fossil record that are no longer present on Earth today.
True False


All cellular organisms can be placed into one of three __________, which include the Bacteria, Archaea, and the Eukarya.


Archaea are cellular organisms that have unique cell membrane __________. ________________________________________


Microbiologists study a variety of organisms, but all are considered either Bacteria or Archaea. True False


All eukaryotes have a membrane-delimited nucleus.
True False


Viruses are not generally studied by microbiologists because they are not classified as living organisms.
True False


Viruses constitute the fourth domain of life in current biological classification schemes. True False


Protists contain all of the following forms of life except
A. protozoa.
B. fungi.
C. slime molds.
D. algae.


Cells with a relatively complex morphology that have a true membrane-delimited nucleus are called A. prokaryotes.
B. eukaryotes.
C. urkaryotes.
D. nokaryotes.

10. Cells with a relatively simple cell morphology that do not have a true membrane-delimited nucleus are called
A. prokaryotes.
B. eukaryotes.
C. urkaryotes.
D. nokaryotes.
11. The ribosomal RNA studies that led to the division of prokaryotic organisms into the Bacteria and the Archaea were begun by
A. Pasteur.
B. Woese.
C. Needham.
D. Watson.

12. Definition of life includes all of the following except A. cells maintain internal order.
B. cells use energy and have a metabolism.
C. cells reproduce.
D. cells lack response to external environment.
13. Proteins function in modern cells as
A. catalysts.
B. hereditary information.
C. structural elements.
D. both catalysts and structural elements.
14. RNA serves to convert the information stored in DNA to ________. A. carbohydrates
B. protein
C. lipids
15. Catalytic proteins speed up the myriad of chemical reactions that occur in cells; these proteins are known as
A. ribozymes
B. nucleic acids
C. enzymes
D. lipids
16. The earliest microbial fossils that have been found are dated from approximately 4.5 million years ago.
True False
17. Which of the following distinguish the field of microbiology from other fields of biology? A. The size of the organism studied.
B. The techniques used to study organisms regardless of their size. C. Both the size of the organism studied and the techniques employed in the study of organisms. D. Neither the size of the organism studied nor the techniques employed in the study of organisms regardless of their size.

18. Who of the following developed a set of criteria that could be used to establish a causative link between a particular microorganism and a particular disease?
A. Fracastoro
B. Koch
C. Pasteur
D. Lister
19. Who of the following was the first to observe and accurately describe microorganisms? A. Pasteur
B. Lister
C. van Leeuwenhoek
D. Tyndall
20. Who of the following provided the evidence needed to discredit the concept of spontaneous generation? A.


21. The concept that living organisms arise from nonliving material is called A. biogenesis.
B. cell theory.
C. spontaneous generation.
D. germ theory.
22. The concept that human and animal diseases are caused by microorganisms is called the A. cell theory.
B. germ theory.
C. causative theory.
D. disease theory.
23. Whose work on spontaneous generation first demonstrated the existence of a very heat-resistant form of bacteria that are called endospores?
A. Schwann
B. Redi
C. Tyndall
D. Pasteur
24. Antiseptic surgery was pioneered by
A. Pasteur.
B. Lister.
C. Jenner.
D. Kitasato.
25. Studies by Emil von Behring and Shibasaburo Kitasato demonstrated that inactivated...
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