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Stage 4 - Investigation
5.5.1 Definition of investigation and assessment
Investigation and assessment is a process of gathering and analysing information and evidence to determine whether:

abuse has taken place

there is ongoing risk of harm to the adult at risk.

5.5.2 Purpose of investigation and assessment
The purpose of investigation and assessment is to establish the facts and contributing factors which led to the referral. Central to this is establishing the views and wishes of the person at risk and what outcome they require or desire. In addition there are responsibilities to identify and manage risk in order to ensure the safety of the individual and others.

5.5.3 Roles and responsibilities
It is the responsibility of the host local authority where the alleged abuse occurred to co-ordinate the investigation process to avoid any duplication or mistakes. Different types of investigation/assessment may be undertaken simultaneously, therefore all staff leading these investigations/assessments must keep in regular contact to ensure that one investigation does not impact or interfere with any other.

No individual agency can delegate their statutory responsibility to another. Each agency must act in accordance with its duty of care to safeguard adults at risk when it is satisfied that action is appropriate.

Agencies will have their own operational policies and internal procedures applicable to their staff, which should be read in conjunction with these procedures.
Following is a framework demonstrating the range of investigations which may apply.

Date of Issue: July 2012
Responsibilty for Review: West Midlands Safeguarding Adults Leads Section 9 – Procedure – Stage 4 Investigation - Page 1 of 10  

Review Date: July 2014

Types of investigation

Assessment of



Health and

and information




Authority (ISA)


Serious incident
investigation The managing officer where the local authority are leading the investigation
The managing officer will ensure that:

enough information is available to allow prioritisation and allocation of investigations

the investigation is allocated to a worker with the necessary competence and experience

supervision and support is available to the investigating officer

individual cases are monitored to ensure adequacy of protection measures

Date of Issue: July 2012
Responsibilty for Review: West Midlands Safeguarding Adults Leads Section 9 – Procedure – Stage 4 Investigation - Page 2 of 10  

Review Date: July 2014

all investigations/assessments are conducted in accordance with this procedure and anti-discriminatory practice.

The managing officer must confirm and sign off the accuracy of all records relating to a Safeguarding Adults investigation/assessment, including records of:

the initial investigation, risk assessment and protection plan

any decisions taken at strategy meetings

the investigation/risk assessment and interview(s)

any decision taken to close the investigation/assessment. The investigating officer
The investigating officer should be a suitably experienced and competent member of staff working under the supervision of a manager. Care must always be taken to ensure complete independence of the investigator from the person alleged to have caused harm. The investigating officer is responsible for leading and co-ordinating the safeguarding investigation/assessment in line with the agreed decisions made at the strategy discussion/meeting. The investigation will involve:

face-to-face contact with the adult at...
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