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MICRO SITE ANALYSIS: Pasadena, el nido Palawan

The site is located at municipality of Pasadena, el nido Palawan , a mountainous part of the Pasadena where most part are covered with large cluster of trees. the site is approached as a inside lot since in is surrounded with different undeveloped lots the road is not specified in the site so provision of road way that will cut through to other site should be consider , distance of the said road is a hundreds of meters away from the site possible provision of road way could be consider.

The chosen site that will be develop has an orientation that has an advantage of receiving less sun penetration throughout the site because of its terrain orientation where there are elevated parts of the site that block the sun but receive a good ventilation of air.

Temperature & sun path
Except for northern towns, which are occasionally visited by storms, generally typhoon - free and is away from any major earthquake lines. The province experiences 2 types of climate - a distinct dry (during November to April) and wet seasons each for 6 months. Wind direction

It will be important to consider the direction of the wind so that it can be channelized through the interiors. This will play a major role in placement & size of openings. Since the site has a feature of a valley because of its terrain characteristics that can create good channel of wind especially it is in a high ground

Boundaries &Topography
The site sits on a mountainous part of the el nido but there are some parts that are plain , there are narrow strip of coastal region at the west part of Pasadena a large forest that surround the northern part of the municipality.

Infrastructure facilities
The location of the services in this town are at the nearest nearby municipality which is located at villa libertad which is too far because of the rural condition of the area. Electric supply through the city is a problem also...
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