Micro-Reactions: Predicting the Products of Double Replacement Reactions

Topics: Chemistry, Solubility, Solid Pages: 4 (1071 words) Published: February 25, 2013
Micro-Reactions: Predicting the Products of Double Replacement Reactions

Introduction – A double replacement reaction is a chemical reaction between two compounds where the positive ion of one compound is exchanged with the positive ion of another compound. If you have the reactants of two reaction solution that you can determine the products. All you need to do is pair the positive parts of the compounds with the other compounds negative part. Once you find the products you can determine their phase of matter by using Table H. You can also use Table F to determine the solubility guidelines for aqueous solutions. If the product falls under soluble or exceptions to insoluble it is in the aqueous stare. If the product falls under insoluble or exception to soluble it is a precipitate. Once you have completed those steps you can determine if a equation went to completion or not. In order for a reaction to go to completion it must have one of the following three things. First, a gas is produced. This gas is usually H2, O2, or CO2. Secondly, a covalent compound (such as water) is formed. Finally, a precipitate (solid) is formed. When none of those things happen it is considered to be "no reaction." When one of those things does happen the reaction is considered to be "completed." It is considered to be completed because all of the reagents in the sample have completely reacted out.

Purpose – The purpose of this lab was to be able to predict the phase of matter after a double replacement reaction, what the products were, and if the reaction was completed or not.

Materials and Methods -
.1 M NaCl
.1 M AgNO3
.1 M Na3PO4
.1 M NaOH
.1 CuSO4
Five droppers
Spot Plate

Safety Precautions –
Wear goggles and apron at all time while inside the lab. •You may use rubber gloves o protect your hands from the chemicals that will be used in the lab. •If any chemical gets on your skin tell the teacher right...
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