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Topics: Water resources, Mass media, India Pages: 2 (562 words) Published: February 15, 2009
1. Even as the unprecedented credit crisis adversely affected the world economy in 2008, online shopping sites seemed to perform better than traditional retailers which were severely impacted. Analyze the e-retail business model and compare its strengths and weaknesses with brick and mortar retail. Give reasons for its worldwide growth, providing relevant facts and figures, and also details of some major online retailers. Given the growing retail sector in India, what are the future prospects for e-tailing in India?

2. According to the proponents of the 'Peak Oil' theory, the world is expected to face severe oil shortages in the near future. Then, how can mankind meet its energy needs? Answer providing information on new promising technologies that can take the place of oil and the advantages and disadvantages associated with each of them. Also, with oil out of the equation, which countries, according to you, will be the new energy centers? How will this impact world politics?

3. Water is a precious commodity. However, water management, especially in developing countries such as India leaves much to be desired. Some have suggested water privatization projects as a solution to the problem of water shortages in India, while others claim that such projects are nothing but political and financial scams, where the public ends up paying a global corporation very high tariffs for water. What are the advantages and disadvantages of water privatization to individuals, municipal bodies, and private entities? Give your answer, touching upon the pricing models that can be adopted and some examples of successful or unsuccessful water privatization projects in India or abroad.

4. After the 09/11 attacks in the US, the media there had collectively decided not to telecast some of the gruesome visuals that were captured on camera. But no such restraints are in place in the Indian media, where the television viewers were exposed to disturbing visuals in the aftermath of...
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