Micro History

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It is the most interesting and innovative approach to history. The pathfinder of the field was the German Historian George G Igger. He developed it as a methodology in 1970’s to counter the traditional methodology of Social sciences.

The basic objection of him was that through the traditional methodology it is not possible to know the concrete reality of small scale life. The small scale life refers to the Anthropological, Cultural, Sociological, Political, Economic and all other inclusive characteristic features of a society or individual or any productive unit or life System.

The originators of micro History thought that it is a methodology to be applied only in the field of cultural and Social History. But it is not so. Any object of the study dealing with the primary Docieties Group or individual or languages or Knowledge or Experience and perfectives of the marginalized mainly come under Micro-History.

Ginzburg, a micro historian criticized the large scale quantitative studies on the grounds for the distorted reality on the individual level. The micro Historians placed their emphasis on Small categories of life in which how people conducted their lives. Suych people or society has no wider identity or acceptance for generation together. Even contemporary such categories will come under the domain of micro history.

Micro historians never move to general ideas, class terms, or universal or to the formation of concepts. Here historian deals with the “particular” not the general.

Purpose of history is to illustrate the meaning of an subject. But usually an object is understood according to the four categories such as substance, activity, quality and relationship. People of a living society is the substance. Every thing that starts from human or human beings. He is either conditioned or independent to perform his duty as a member of the society. This activities are his shown.

Selective or impulse actions determine the quality of his actions. The human find a relationship with the activity and quality. Everything in this network is with in the particular. This micro area of action is unique in the sense that it is not related to general. It is unblemished and distinct.

Usually the historian understand the object intune with the cause and effect. The nature of cause and effect depend upon the vicious mind of the historian. Yet the micro historians more likely to reveal the complicated functions of individual relationship with each and every social settings and they stress difference from large norms .

They tend to focus on the object which did not come under historical scrutiny in a wider cantext or already handled. Themes in micro history are always obscure, strange and less known unless and otherwise it has become the subject matter.

Sometimes, the micro historians also deal with the instutions in power and how they deal with the affairs of the people. The deal and its reations affecting a specific group deserves more attention. Because the reactions are not same in all the societies. To able to illustrate their point, micro- method where they get opportunity to present their findings by which conclusions are reached.

Features of micro-history:

The most common feature of micro history is the study of the past on very small scale. Studies include looking at individuals of minor importance or analyzing a simple painting etc. It is usual It is usually done in close collaboration with other social sciences.

Here the subject of study very often unknown or minor importance unless analysed in relation to human nature and his role in a particular social space.

P.Malinowiki field research technique attributed symbolic meaning and identity to an object of study. Richard H.Davis of the view that an object of historians analysis depend upon contextual enquiry. An objects identity is re-invented or fabricated afresh...
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