Micro Analysis of

Topics: Vampire, Long shot, Wesley Snipes Pages: 4 (1408 words) Published: December 7, 2008
Micro analysis:

• Film: Blade
• Year: 1998
• Director: Stephen Norrington

In this micro analysis I will be analysing the film Blade which was produced in 1998 and directed by Stephen Norrington. The micro elements I am going to focus on are Mise-en-scene and cinematography. I will be analysing everything in the scene including props, costumes, facial expressions, gestures, setting, codes-framing to determine how it creates meaning. In cinematography I will focus on the camera shots and angles and how these are used to create meaning. Both of these micro elements will be combined to show how they work together in creating meaning for the audience in the scene that I am studying. I am studying scene 1 which is the opening sequence. The star, Wesley Snipes plays the protagonist Blade. He is a successful actor making two sequels to this film and other films like Demolition Man so the audience already knows the typical role that he plays in certain films which gives the audience an understanding of what the film might be about. It can also give the audience an insight into the type of character this is. Snipes characters are strong, powerful and fight for justice. The opening sequence begins with flashing lights. There is a blue wash over the screen which connotes coldness and emptiness also indicates futuristic time. Low key lighting is being used which shows us that this film is a dystopia film where democracy has failed and people are controlled and watched, also gives the scene a scary tone and a dull and empty mood. A long shot is used which shows people with their hands in the air, listening and dancing to music. This shows the setting of the film. The costume that the man who is walking through all those people is wearing includes a red jacket and a red hat. The color red indicates danger and violence. The fact that he is in a vibrant colour could suggest conflict with the vampires which is a key theme. The ironic thing is that he is the...
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