Mickey Mouse

Topics: Walt Disney, Gender, Woman Pages: 1 (450 words) Published: April 2, 2013
Mickey Mouse Monopoly – In Class Extra Credit Assignment
1. My impressions of Walt Disney films and characters and stories are ones of innocence and joy. Yes I grew up with them. My memories of Disney as a kid were ones of a magical place and imagination as well. 2. I would say the sorts of values Disney embodies would be ones of childhood innocence, being seen as imaginative and they also value money as well, since they are still a business. The kinds of messages they send kids are ones that sometimes might not be ok, like for example in The Beauty and The Beast, kids might think it is ok for a man to yell at a woman. They might also associate apes and monkeys with black people, as in The Jungle Book. 3. I think it has some effect on the stories it tells, but not as much as people think. I believe that back in the day when people had different views on men’s and women’s values, the movies and how they were shown was different than how movies are made today. Movies today are more about equality and equality between gender and race, as compared to about 50 years ago. 4. No I don’t believe Disney is an appropriate choice for examining corporate media power, there are much better choices than a children’s movie making company. I believe that people will try to find excuses for everything and blow stuff way out of proportion, especially feminists and racial activists. They were meant to be movies for children, not meant to exploit the children’s beliefs about females and other races. 5. I have noticed examples of gender stereotyping in The Beauty and the Beast and in Cinderella. In beauty of the Beast, the beast is meant to be the man who is in control and tells the woman what to do. In Cinderella, Cinderella tries to seduce a man to better her living conditions and find a better life. I find that gender stereotyping is more pronounced in depictions of female characters. Most of the Disney films I have seen show the female characters to be overly...
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