Mickey Can Relax

Topics: Personal computer, Desktop computer, Laptop Pages: 1 (259 words) Published: October 9, 2008
1.The most redundant aspect of the EVOC system is that the EVOC software is installed on two different servers across Anaheim. If Anaheim were to come under attack, having the two servers reduces the chances of a total crash in the system. If one system were to be destroyed or tampered with, there would be a back-up system to rely on. 2.The EVOC system is a wireless system that gathers information from as many relevant sources that it can. This is important because the wireless ability allows its users to view developments from their desktop computers, laptop computers, and even small hand held devices. The system can be view by authorities from virtually any laptop in the world making them aware of any development that they could be helpful with. 3.The EVOC system is scaled to fit private business because it allows users from private businesses to connect into the system. For example; the system provides easily navigable contact information to Macy’s in case there were a disaster of any sort. The necessary information is accessible throughout Macy’s corporation and readily available to first responders. 4.One way that I think USM could utilize the EVOC system is when there is a possibility of a natural disaster. As we all know, the Gulf Coast is prone to hurricanes, flooding, and tornadoes. If one of these catastrophes were to strike USM (like it has in the past), USM would be able to contact the most readily available first responders to assess the situation.
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