Michelle Obama's Speech Analysis

Topics: Barack Obama, 2008 Democratic National Convention, First Lady of the United States Pages: 2 (437 words) Published: September 25, 2012
Without a doubt, The First Lady, Michelle Obama, stupendously gave her speech on September 4th at the Democratic National Convention. Moving the hearts of the audience, she brilliantly portrayed how Barack Obama “values everyone’s contribution and treats everyone with respect.” Michelle started off by illustrating how she’d seen “the very best of American spirit.” One notable example she provided was about a young man who was blinded by a bomb in Afghanistan and saying how he’d give his eyes for the same reason a hundred times again. Conveying the very meaning of compassion, kindness and courage people have in them, Michelle reminded people how blessed we are to be living in America, appealing to our emotions and our sense of patriotism. Then, she described the values and convictions Barack possessed from the day she met him, creating a feeling of admiration and respect for him. Moreover, Michelle also exemplified how Barack was raised by a single mother, as well as how his mom gave her best to nurture Barack without any complaints or regrets. Hence, she splendidly related to the various struggles of families that our current society is facing. As she developed the idea of how she and Barack were raised, she illustrated that dignity and decency, gratitude and humility, were of great importance to them. She explained why being a president required incredible amounts of decision-making, vision, as well as life experiences, implying that Barack has all the qualities that a president could possibly have. For instance, she gave the reason why Barack signed the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, using a little bit of logos in her appeal. Correspondingly, she then showed her and Barack’s concerns on the economy, saying how we shouldn’t go broke because of the costs of our health care and education. Creating emotions of sympathy, Michelle described how Barack also struggled to pay off his student loan bills, saying “these issues aren’t political – they’re personal.”...
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