Michelle Brown

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Identity Theft: The Michelle Brown Story.
Write a ONE PAGE REACTION based on the movie including the following aspects: 1. Who was Michelle Brown? Michelle Brown was a dedicated school teacher who was victim of identity theft by some crazy and drug addict women. 2. How was her life affected by the depressed drug user? Her life was really affected, because Michelle somehow felt like she was losing everything not only in monetary way (mostly her dreamed home), but also in personal and moral way (her own identity). 3. What´s your opinion about the judge dismissing the case as a minor issue? Well, this is a bit annoying, because as Michelle said there was not the possession the women took from Michelle but Michelle’s good and saint name, that was that matters, and if you come to think of, steeling should not be considered as a minor issue.

4. What would you respond to the judge who said “ I think there are a lot worse things than this, this identity theft. Getting hit by a truck or cancer…Just want you to have a positive attitude because we all know that life ain´t fair.” I would certainly say a lot of things to that judge, most of them could get into jail, but the most important thing would be that ¨of course life is not fair to everyone¨, but the thing here that isn’t fair is that Michelle worked hard for a living to fulfill her dreams and goals just to see a poor minded crazy women taking his name and money! The way of the judge thinking is absolutely ridiculous; I would love to see that judge as an identity theft victim. And by the way it is easy to speak when the problem it not yours at all.

Answer the questions in the format of a one page composition and submit it to your virtual classroom in a word document. Please check the time available for doing so.

Antonio Josue Alfaro Rodriguez
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