Michelangelo and the Sistine Chapel

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Michelangelo and the Sistine Chapel
Jeweldine Ladell

New World Encyclopedia reports on the High Renaissance architecture of the Sistine Chapel in understanding its main features. This paper will examine three aspects of the architectural design of the building. The three aspects are as follow; the exterior, interior, and decoration, (New World Encyclopedia, 2007). The Sistine Chapel is a three story rectangular building. The exterior is plain and simple architecturally and decoratively. Many Medieval and Renaissance churches were designed in this same fashion. There is no front entrances to the chapel only assess is through the internal rooms within the Papal Palace. The lowest floor of the three story building is a strongly constructed vaulted basement with several windows not for the beauty of but mere usefulness and a doorway which led to the exterior court. The floor located above the basement is considered to be the main floor, the chapel. The internal measurements are one hundred thirty four feet long by forty four feet wide. These dimensions are considered to be the same as the Temple of Solomon. The vaulted ceiling of the chapel is sixty eight feet. Within the building there are six tall arched windows down each side and two at either end. Above the vault of the chapel is the third story which is the wardrooms for guards. Surrounding the building at the top of the vault is an open outward passageway, supported by piers protruding from the walls. The roof of the building is constructed with pantile tiles, (New World Encyclopedia, 2007). The interior of the Sistine Chapel including the ratio between the length, width, and height is 6:2:3. The ceiling is a flattened barrel vault that is transversely cut by smaller vaults located over each window. The original color of the barrel vault was a lustrous blue with gold stars dotted throughout. The pavement is styled with marble and colored stone in a design that reflected the division of the interior. This...

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