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Bonjour !
Prior to read these slides, 3 VERY important steps :
1/ Have a bite of our Petits Sablés or Petits Carrés
2/ Check out our fancy website www.micheletaugustin.com and
Facebook fan page fr-fr.facebook.com/MichelEtAugustin
3/ That’s all !

Our crazy adventure !
Looking for the two nutty French fellows? That’s us!
Michel has 2 houseplants, a bike and not much hair left.
Augustin has a funky truck with 5 baby seats and a puff in his fringe. At the Banana Plantation*, our ambition is to make the planet smile: - By preparing tasty and healthy products made out of natural ingredients of premium quality (fresh butter, sea salt…) that you may easily have in your kitchen, also referred to as “cupboard cooking”.

- By broadcasting on a day to day basis our exciting, lively and a very peculiar adventure. 100% authentic.
*our delightful offices

Key figures :
Founded 2004 in Augustin’s kitchen, Paris.
A smiling team of 40 people.
2012 turnover = 18,5 M€ (+36% vs. 2011)
2012 export turnover = 1,5 M€
5 categories : snacking, cookies, crackers, yogurts and desserts

Pictures speak louder than words!

Augustin and Michel first met at school, aged 14.
2004 : they wrote a guide about the best bakeris in
Paris and started to bake cookies in Augustin’s kitchen.

2007 : we deliver directly thousands of stores, even with
Augustin’s bike ;)
Cows are beginning to spread in Paris and Bill Gates reveals his secret !
From 2009 to now : more than 50 products have been released, sometimes during crazy conferences with our « cow fancy dress ». Fans are now in all major cities in France and abroad, where we set up tasting sessions and street happennings.

Snacking ranges

FrenchFrench-licious shortbread
cookies 40g

Slightly-salted butter
Chocolate drops
Vanilla and poppy seed

Puff pastry biscuits 30g

• Caramelized sugar
• Natural vanilla
• Chocolate drops

Super Cookies with
a melting heart

Small chocolate and biscuit Square 73g

Slightly salted biscuit and dark chocolate
Caramel biscuit and milk chocolate
Hazelnut biscuit and dark chocolate
Nougatine biscuit and milk chocolate

This little one comes
along with the coffee !

These products are delivered retail-ready to
maximize impulse sales performances.

• Milk chocolate and hazelnuts
• Chocolate drops and dark chocolate

Regular cookies ranges

Cookies from France 160g

French-licious shortbread cookies 120g

Slightly-salted butter
Chocolate drops
Vanilla and poppy seed

• Chocolate drops and cocoa
• Milk chocolate and hazelnuts
• Chocolate and nougatine

Super Cookies with
a melting heart

Puff pastry biscuits 120g
• Caramelized sugar
• Natural vanilla
• Chocolate drops

• Milk chocolate and hazelnuts
• Chocolate drops and dark chocolate


Collector box
An assorment of our
shortbread cookies
6x40g :

3 crazy designs !


29 Small
crackers 120g

Thyme and pink berries
Sweet chili and grilled onions
Parmesan and mustard seeds
Goat cheese and rosemary

Export activity
We target all the major cities around the world, in both western and fast growing countries. As in France, we aim to penetrate these markets with strong and long term partnership with upscale retailers and premium fast food chains.

In France, our exclusive partnership with Monoprix has grown to reach 6 M€ turnover. We’ve already
broken into
these markets :
*Hong Kong
*South Korea

Actions and promotional tools

Impulse display for OOH
Cow arch

Luxury corner with both
fresh and grocery products.
A shop within the shop
Box displays for cookies and

Tasting session in Hong Kong

Merci !
My name is Antoine CHAUVEL
Export Manager
Tel : +33 1 71 18 11 78
Mobile : +33 6 14 83 51...
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