Micheal Moore "Sicko"

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Patterson Feb 28th, 2014
ENG 201-08

Michael Moore “Sicko”

I have heard of Mr. Michael Moore doing controversial films on events in America, such as “Fahrenheit 9/11”. After “Fahrenheit 9/11” I had not follow Mr. Michael Moore. Since the movie “Sicko” that Professor Irene Zola showed during class on Friday, February 28th, 2014 I check to see what else Mr. Moore was doing. It seems Mr. Michael Moore has been very busy as more than a filmmaker but as an activist with the type of films he makes.

The film “Sicko” is what I would call one of his activist film documentaries. This film was about the Health care in the United States and in Canada. The film to some point was used to put shame on the Insurance Health Care Industry in the United States. Mr. Moore did this by showing his on film how the Insurance Health Care Industry in America has cause the death of people, financial hardship due to insurance or medical high cost. Mr. Moore went as far as interviewing some Doctors as well as people who worked for insurance companies that know from inside experiences the truth of the matter. The matter being, how people in America insurance claims or insurance policies are rejected by Insurance companies just to save a buck. This is an outrage. Now to compare Mr. Moore travel across the border to Canada; Mr. Moore found out while in Canada that Health care was totally free. I had heard in the past from a Canadian the Health Care was free but, never thought much about it. Now after seeing how the Canadians do not have to pay for health care at all. I think that the United States should get on the same page as Canada.

In conclusion I do believe that Mr. Moore movie may have had an effect on ObamaCare being past in this country. I believe this because it became a world issue when the movie was viewed all over the world. It seems that this is what has to happen sometime to get the wheels in motion. Although ObamaCare is not as benefiting as the health

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