Micheal Jordan Icon Essay

Topics: Michael Jordan, Basketball, National Basketball Association Pages: 2 (565 words) Published: May 6, 2007
Icon Essay

With skills, so far unriveld, Michael Jordan is a true icon of the American Athlete. His talents not only transformed basketball into more than just a game, but gave athletes of all ages the inspiration to someday become just as good as Mike himself. Michael Jordan's dunk inspired the youth and amazed adults all over the world. Love him or hate him, Michael Jordan was the best player to ever step on the court; his style and ability was unmatched to everyone in the game of basketball. His athleticism made him a god among men in the publics' eye; rivaling even the best all-stars from the NBA, NFL, and MLB. His athletic legacy lives on through one symbol, "Air Jordan". I recently went to a tattoo parlor and found out that the "Air Jordan" symbol was on their top ten list of tattoos to get. People are so amazed with Michael's skills that they tattoo this "Air Jordan" trademark on themselves, which stays for life, to show how much he has influenced their lives. With all of this just said, how could you not say that his athleticism has made him a global icon. Michael Jordan, as an athlete alone, personifies the definition of an icon. His domination over basketball was so great that he actually set the standard to become an all-star athlete. In our today's society we refer to elite athletes in all sports as "The Michael Jordan" of their sports. His achievements in sports play a significant impact on the youth's perception of the game. The term "Be like Mike" encourages kids of all ages to practice and train harder, and not just with basketball but with all aspects of growth and achievements. For instance, when Mike was a young athlete he was cut from his high school team. However, this did not slow him down on his quest to become the greatest basketball player of all time. Through hard work and practice he eventually made his high school team, even though his coach doubted him as a strong player. His skills increased so much that North Carolina even...
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