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I. Data Security

Data security would be a method that corporations use to keep important and confidential information protected. Access to this type of secure information is limited to those who have the authorization to view it. Data security is enforced so that private information that a corporation has about its employees, customers and others that they conduct business with is kept safe from any potential corruption from those who want to use it to their advantage. Many companies go to great lengths to keep their data safe and sound from hackers who can get confidential information from their systems. If a company is not careful and does not protect their confidential information many problems can occur. Some of these problems include identity theft of customers and employees. Hackers can steal information such as social security numbers, addresses, credit card information and many other key pieces of information that can let hackers easily access ones identity. The focus of this research paper would be about the Michaels Stores company and the breach in their data security.

II. Background of Michaels Stores

Michaels is an arts and crafts retail store chain, and is the largest of its kind. They also run the Aaron Brothers store chain along with a few other arts and crafts stores in the US and in Canada. The company is headquartered in Irving, Texas, USA. Michaels Stores offers many different products that can capture the attention of hobbyists “do it yourself” decorating enthusiasts, scrap bookers, and crafters. The store has many arts and crafts supplies that range from the children’s level all the way up to professional crafters. Painters can find canvases, paint and brushes. Scrapbooking fans can find may albums, stickers, ornaments, tags, paper, and many other do it yourself decorations to make on their scrapbook pages. The...

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