Michael Phelps

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“I deliberately set very high goals for myself…why not? No limits” (Phelps 14). Michael Phelps is a name that will always be associated with the word swimming. He made the sport well-known by his eight medal wins at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, and is the most decorated Olympian in the world. He had been swimming since he was seven years old, and competed at only fifteen years old in his first Olympic Games. Michael Phelps has affected the world for good by bringing honor to the United States, elevating the sport of swimming, and proving there are no limits.
Michael Phelps had brought honor to the United States. For example, “[Phelps]American swimmer, who was the most-decorated athlete in Olympic history with 22 medals, which included a record 18 gold. At the 2008 Beijing Olympics, he became the first athlete to win eight gold medals at a single Olympics” (Britannica.com). This is a straightforward list of Michael Phelps major accomplishments. Those records were personal achievements, but at the same time America’s records. Phelps said after winning the 400-meter free relay, “We had set a world record, really. The Stars and Stripes. The American men. Us” (Phelps 1). The relay team from America had won gold at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Everyone watching the Olympics was able to see the number one by United States of America on the scoreboard which brought honor to our country. After Phelps eighth gold medal win Lezak and Phelps expressed, “[Jason Lezak] we’re part of history… [Michael Phelps] we were honored after the race to be able to carry around an American flag that had flown in Iraq…” (Phelps 217-218). They had the honor to carry our American flag after winning the 400m medley relay in 2008 Beijing Olympics, and after Michael Phelps won his eighth gold medal. The medley relay had always been won by America, and Phelps and his teammates helped keep that winning streak. In the end, Michael Phelps will always be remembered as the American swimmer who made

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