Michael Oher

Topics: Family, Father, Mother Pages: 1 (398 words) Published: October 15, 2012
Have you ever heard of Michael Oher? A famous football player at Ole Miss? Michael is different from others because he grew up homeless, without a father , and he wasn't very smart. I bet you are wondering how he is famous. He is famous because a family took him in , the Touhy’s when he became part of their family , Michael whole life changed. Mr.Oher was in and out of homes with different foster parents this is because he would run away to find his mother , every time he found her he would try to help her get healthy because he loved her. However she was addicted to drugs and just didn’t care about herself or anybody else. When Michael’s mother was doing drugs she would say “ Close your eyes and when i count to three you can open them again the past is and and the future is here” Michael’s father was absent from his life, he wasn't really sure who his father was. however when he was at school his principal told him that his father had died. I don’t think that this affected Michael in anyway because he didn't gain nor lode any feelings. Michael's supposed to be father died when Michael was a little boy , a three year to be correct, i believe that they did tests and they got traced to Michael. Michael wasn't very smart his G.P.A was 0.8 he had never done homework before , Michael stated “Every where i look and i see white walls and white people , my teachers do not know i don’t know anything that they are talking about, when i go to the bathroom i look in the mirror and say this is not Michael Oher” When Michael moved with the Touhy’ they pushed him to work hard , he begin to know Henley and he gained confidence. The Touhy’s went to Ole Miss and that's were they expected Michael to go. However in order for him to go to Ole Miss his G.P.A had to be at 2.5 . In conclusion, Michael Oher has been threw so many things in his life, he was homeless at one point, he was without a father because his dad died when he was three , he wasn’t very smart....
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