Michael Moore Idiot Nation

Topics: President of the United States, Barack Obama, Education Pages: 2 (653 words) Published: October 2, 2012
ENG 112, 044
According to Michael Moore, a vast majority of social problems can be resolved by common sense. Which means highly paid elites; consultants and lobbyist do not necessarily add value to the general population (Moore 128-145). These excerpts come under various subtitles such as ‘Idiot Nation” and ‘Stupid white men and other excuses for the state of the nation’ (Moore 128). In terms of occupation, Moore is a well-regarded Documentary Movie Producer. His populist views carry anti-Republican overtones.

His first major line of attack is the failed United States education system. Taking educational institutions at the federal municipal to a private level. Lamenting libraries without adequate books and modernized computer devices. Naming some United States Presidents that lacked knowledge of world geography. Arguing that the most powerful leader in the free world (an American president) should be knowledgeable about all 200 non-aligned and United Nations confederation member states. His educational accountability concept is catching on from kindergarten to post-secondary higher education. Teachers are evaluated yearly in most municipalities. Tenured teaching career are being phased out. Meanwhile, charter schools are making inroads, a counterbalancing alternative to public schools.

Corporate takeover of schools can be documented in various modes. An example is when a chain of charter schools is operated by a single for-profit company. Distance learning (online) institutions such as Phoenix University is owned by the private equity group Apollo. It is profit-driven and last year had revenue of $300million. DeVry Colleges are corporate owned, technical and vocational oriented. Their emphasis is on enrollment growth, stock market growth. Education quality and gainful...

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