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Idiot Nation, Michael Moore, Critical Essay Critique
Critical Essay

In Rereading America an excerpt by Michael Moore entitled “Idiot Nation” focuses on the collapsing educational system in the United States of America. Moore brings to light his view on the failures of the educational system and the lack of financing that has been caused from the top of the food chain. Politicians as well as American corporations contribute to the decline in education according to Moore. He attempts to give the reader a clear picture of where America places the importance of educational funding. He follows-up with detailed examples on what districts and schools resort to in order to gain financial support for their programs. Moore is quick to point out the irony of politics and education in America while offering comparisons to foreign countries. Michael Moore attempts the use of humor to entertain his listeners while he presents his view points on the deteriorating educational system in America. It therefore lacks the credibility and Is this essay helpful? Join OPPapers to read more and access more than 550,000 just like it! get better grades

effectiveness that one would find in non-subjective journalism that reports solely on factual evidence while remaining impartial Michael Moore recognizes that while several Americans attend school and move on to higher education, the systems current programs in place leave much to be desired. Moore works to convince the reader on American ignorance when he says that “70 percent of those who graduate from America’s colleges are not required to learn a foreign language” (132). He also relates that several top universities do not require a course in American history to fulfill graduation requirements. Additionally, only a few of the prestigious universities who have students majoring in English Literature require that they attend a Shakespeare course. Moore gives examples that have the potential to sway readers...
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