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Critical Analysis of Capitalism: A Love Story
Lee Seok Kim
Practical Economics
Steven Mesaros
May 1, 2015

Critical Analysis of Capitalism: A Love Story
Michael Moore’s Capitalism: A Love Story examines the impacts of the current economic and social orders in United States in general, putting Moore’s personal complaints upon nowadays spoiled capitalism. The film is overly asserting the capitalism presented by deceptive politicians who converted the society to a huge weapon that made a delightful society only to top 1% of the American population. High-class people attempted to maintain this tough society and sacrificed majority citizens. Overall, Michael Moore tried to convey a criticism of the spoiled capitalism which sacrifices majority 99% of US citizens to sustain a society for top 1% throughout the film. In the film, Michael Moore reveals scenes that represent corruptions of the capitalism. However, an original capitalism in United States seems to be a great and ideal society. As the United States became the richest nation in the world and started to beat other nations’ companies such as Japanese and German car industries, most Americans reached American dreams and had satisfied lives even if their maximum tax rate reached a peak of 90%. This capitalism started to spoil after Ronald Reagan became a new president in 1980 due to the wholehearted supports from banks and companies in the Wall Street. It was their plan, because after Ronald Reagan became a president, U.S corporations and Wall Street seized the initiative of the nation. The spoiled society started to fit only to the minority rich people and so on the majority citizens suffered from various problems, showing huge incitements in household debt, bankruptcies, incarcerations, and healthcare costs. Moore took some interviews with some politicians or former bankers to check what those high class people think about nowadays society. Moore’s interview with William Black, former bank...
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