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Michael Jordan n
Michael Jordan, also known as Air Jordan, Black Cat, or MJ, was born February 17, 1963 in Brooklyn New York. For a man who got cut from his sophomore basketball team, Michael Jordan truly did start from the bottom and rise up to become bigger than basketball itself. Jordan led the Bulls to six championship games and received five All-Star MVP’s becoming the most decorated basketball player in NBA history.

Growing up in North Carolina Jordan spent all of his free time on the court. He loved playing basketball but even more than playing, he loved winning. Michael’s father believed that he was born with a competition problem but Michael states, “The only one I need to beat is myself”. Jordan’s sophomore year of high school he was cut from the basketball team for being undersized, but by his junior year he grew 7 inches, and by his senior year he became a McDonalds all American athlete. That was the first of many awards that he will receive in his basketball career.

In 1982 Jordan received a full ride scholarship to play basketball for North Carolina, where he was awarded ACC freshman player of the year after scoring the winning basket in the NCAA national championship. His junior year Jordan was rated Smiths number one player of the year and was drafted third by the Chicago Bulls. After Jordan was awarded rookie of the year in 1984 he started on the Olympic team and they went on to win a gold medal. All of these achievements are only part of the reason why Jordan became so famous.

Jordan’s ability to dunk a ball from the free throw line earned him the name Air Jordan and gave basketball a whole knew excitement. His ability to dribble the ball and glide through the air opened up a new way to play the game. In the 1991 season Jordan finally led the Bulls to win the National Championship. With his stats only improving the Bulls went on to win the National Championship the two following years as well. In 1992 Jordan was captain of the Olympic...

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