Michael Collins

Topics: Irish Republican Army, Michael Collins, Éamon de Valera Pages: 3 (1216 words) Published: April 2, 2013
During the early twentieth century, many Irish people wish to fight for Ireland to have independence from British rule and become a Republic. There were many key players in the fight against Britain. Some of these people include: Michael Collins, Arthur Griffiths, Eamon De Valera and many others. Michael Collins played a large role in the fight against Britain. Although Michael Collins was a freedom fighter, so of the methods he used to achieve his goals, make him appear as a terrorist. There is the slightest difference between a terrorist and a freedom fighter. Today, I will be discussing this idea. Was Michael Collins really a terrorist? Or was he just a man with dreams, and had the means to achieve his dreams? During the early 1900s in Ireland, there were large amounts of conflict. Many of these issues were caused by the Irish wanting Ireland to become free from Britain. During the revolution, many groups were founded to assist with the revolution. Some of these include the Irish republican Army and the Irish Volunteers. Michael Collins became a member of the IRB in 1909, beginning his fight against the British. Through his involvement with the IRB and the Irish Volunteers, Michael Collins became part of the new group, the Irish Republican Army. The IRA was a political army for it was defending Ireland’s right to have a separate parliament from England. This piece of information, that the IRA was a political army can be argued over whether the IRA was a terrorist organisation or a group of freedom fighters. Freedom Fighters can be described as people who take part in armed rebellion against the constituted authority, in this case, England and the King. Whereas a terrorist can be described as someone who engages in an act of unlawful use of violence or force with the intention of intimidating societies of governments. There is very little difference between freedom fighters and a terrorist organization, and in this study, it is thought that Michael Collins was...
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