Michael Colimbini: Mri Tragic Accident

Topics: Magnetic resonance imaging, Magnet, Oxygen Pages: 3 (1021 words) Published: May 28, 2013
Michael Colimbini: MRI Tragic Accident
E. Fuentes
MRI 201
April 29, 2013
Maria Barajas

Michael Colombini: MRI Tragic Accident
Michael Colombini was a six-year-old boy from the city of New York State who passed away and fell victim to a tragic example of a ferromagnetic projectile accident that could have been prevented. The story of Michael Colombini begins in the busy city of New York State back in the summer of 2001. There had been a series of tests that had been administered to Michael due to a benign tumor that was found in his brain after he suffered a fall that caused a head injury. Michael Colombini underwent a routine imaging procedure that was performed at Westchester Medical Center; where earlier in the week Michael underwent brain surgery to remove the benign tumor that was found in his brain. The scheduled MRI was considered a routine post-operative procedure to find out how Michael was recovering after surgery. While Michael was sedated on the MRI table the anesthesiologist assisting realized that Michael has low saturated levels of oxygen. The anesthesiologist then requested a new tank of oxygen to replace the malfunctioning one attached to Michael. A nurse then brought in the oxygen tank, handing it to the anesthesiologist who asked for it. While the oxygen tank exchanged hands; the strong magnetic force of the MRI machine forcefully pulled the heavy metal tank directly into the scanning machine striking him in the head and causing Michael’s death a couple of days later. It was stated that Michael Colombini was heavily sedated when this terrible accident occurred at Westchester Medical Center. The area where Michael was being examined was not thoroughly analyzed to prevent such tragic accident from happening. After all this occurred the family of Michael Colombini held services for him at the Temple Israel of Northern Westchester. There were hundreds of mourners who attended and accompanied the family in their heartbreaking loss. After the...

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