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adsadadsadsadsadsasdThe main focus of the report is analyzing Hubbard's operating environment, evaluating strategic issues or challenges and recommending strategy to overcome company's current issues. Firstly Premier use competitive pricing strategy which is designed to deemphasize price as a competitive variable by pricing a good or service at the level of comparable offerings. Tissue products are mainly the same and are slightly difficult to position in the market. Compare with competitors, pricing between the products have no big gap.

Distribution Strategy

The positioning of the product is important to grab consumer attention. The Premier product will distribute to all of the hypermarket and retailer store with different segment of the product. Besides that, the premier product can be categorizes in the catalog which can easy refer for the intermediaries.

Distribution strategy would be intensive distribution which is distribution of a product through all available channels. Their marketing strategy has evolved from below-the-line strategies such as in-store promotions to billboard advertising to a mixture of outdoor, below-the-line and above-the-line advertising. Premier had advertised through many different channels.

Promotional strategy

We can design a distinct of the advertisement design to capture consumer mind. Besides that, we can choose the poster or billboard to make a promotional campaign to generate the sales. We also can use public relation to help our brand to recognize and communication with the customer, supplier and stakeholder. It send the message can be directly to target audience.

4.0 Summary of Marketing Problem and Selling Opportunity

Possible marketing problem would be too many competitors existing in the market. As a market leader in tissue products, NTPM Holdings Bhd already has its existing market. However, creating brand loyalty...
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