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Gap between Rich and Poor

Website: http://www.goldencommunityfoundation.ca/deepdatadownloads/DeepData_I_Gap_Between_Rich_%26_Poor-Feb28,2012.pdf

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The issue of gap between rich and poor has still been significant over recent decades in our society. At present, the article “Issue Area: Gap between Rich & Poor”, Joyce deBoer and Ryan Warmouth inform growing gap between rich and poor will pose unstable feature for society in the near future by surveying and comparing the statistical evidences from Golden and Area A. In addition, authors hope this issue must be mentioned by the society and anticipate it will be controlled by developing policy. While others researchers state that growing gap between rich and poor can enhance the competition of the entire society. By looking through this article, I claim that growing gap between rich and poor without control will pose serious threaten for the local stability and development.

In this article, writers indicate the case of growing gap between rich and poor in Golden - Area A by filing plenty of data. Initially, authors select Golden and Area A which has a stable middle class as a sample. Moreover, authors think analyses have constraints as a result of some elements, such as “back-to-the-Landers” in the Columbia Valley. Then, authors illustrates overall poverty rate in term of LICO and LIM and make a comparison between Golden - Area A and British Columbia. Also, writers describe the impact of community growth on the gap, such as the increasing price of house and food. Then, talk about household incomes in disparate levels. Ultimately, the article concludes that growing gap between rich & poor can impact the diversity and stability of the community.

For growing gap between rich and poor, those who argue that it can cause the enhancement of the competition for the society my build their...
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