Mice of Men

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How does Steinbeck present Curley’s wife?

1. In the novel Steinbeck presents Curley’s wife to be flirtatious, ‘Her voice had a nasal, brittle quality.’ The word ‘brittle’ shows that her voice is obviously quite delicate and that her tone of voice is probably in a flirty manner. Furthermore Steinbeck uses foreshadowing in the novel to give an insight to the reader what could happen later on, ‘she had full, rouged lips’. The adjective ‘rouged’ or known more commonly as red tells the reader that she is either dangerous or ‘George looked away from her, then back’ clearly shows that he likes Curley’s wife so therefore that could result in something bad later on in the novel hence the ‘rouged lips’ . 2. Steinbeck uses Curley’s wife to show what life was at the time by first of all not calling her by her name but associating her to Curley. But then gives use clues by ‘’Nobody can blame a person for lookin’’she said’. The verb ‘blame’ can show that Curley’s wife either wans George to look or is accusing him of looking but in the context I would say it sounds as if she wants them to look as Steinbeck is trying to get across that she is flirtatious. Furthermore it shows that at the time women had to be flirtatious to get noticed or get attention of the men. Also it was very sexist as she is refered to as Curley’s wife like I have already mentioned. Josh Blackburn
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