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"the health field and leadership" - MHA
Statement of purpose
Did you know that the hairs on your body help to regulate your body temperature? Or that you currently have nine organ systems working hard to keep you alive? These are just two facts from a plethora I learned from my year long course in Anatomy and Physiology. Although an expertise in the human body is not a necessity for my pursuit of a Masters of Health Administration, I haven't been able to let these lessons drift to the back of my mind to accompany all the dates I had to recite in my history class. Making note cards of hundreds of body parts and bones and studying their functions definitely made out to be one of the most time consuming and complicated coursework I have taken yet it turned out to be my most enjoyed course. Until last year, I did not give my proclivity to the subject matter much thought.

I would have never predicted my strong interest in a subject like Anatomy and Physiology just three years earlier. Before entering my undergraduate studies I had figured the path to my future was set as a teacher. This conclusion was reached once I laid out how compatible this career and I were, with my teaching experience, strong communication skills and my overall enjoyment with teaching. Ever since middle school I have shown a natural ability to teach others and have strengthened those abilities through teaching diverse classes. I exuded confidence as I taught, eloquence in my speech, and an understanding of people which allowed me to connect with any person and help them achieve their goal. However, once feeling too comfortable with and unchallenged by my premature career choice, I decided to take my teaching skills and apply them to a field in which I took greater interest in, and that field was Public Health. I realized my attachment to teaching was simply the joy I received when I helped others to help themselves; empowering them.

This passion could be pursued in a career in Public...
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