Mha 601

Topics: Health care, Management, Complex adaptive system Pages: 4 (1208 words) Published: April 15, 2013

Name: Erika Hernandez
MHA601:   Principles of Health Care Administration
Professor: Alisa Wagner
Date: March 4, 2013

Avoiding Errors in Healthcare Management
The health care organizations, managers develop new ways to address these errors among the postmodern and complexity adaptive systems (CAS). Managers must develop strategies for advantages of learning that if change is applied to our management skills in which is being implemented by the postmodern and complexity adaptive systems to become production. They are being faced with many challenges in any situation at our everyday employment or job setting.  They must be able to determine what is correct when making decisions while knowing and learning to do what is right for the health care organization.  In this assignment, I will cover the ten error scenarios and the explanation on why they are errors in healthcare management organizations.

      The first error that I will explain is failing to accountability for employee to learn safe machine operation methods by experimenting on their own.   This error will allow them to exclude a step by step process, which a step by step process is what makes the organization operate at its best.   I believe that the employees will benefit and develop their own way of processing these machines operations to better their job performance. Keeping a minimum routine can reduce the quality of product. The second error is training all employees with the same orientation program regardless of the cultural interpretation.   In the United States, we live in a huge diverse world as time changes and also we retrieve the information given to us differently as well as how we interpret the information. The main point of managers is not to compare or contrast any situation, but to correct the way of everyone’s training. Our text mentions, postmodern and complexity adaptive system that both of them address problems between what people observe and what...
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