MGT330 Week 5 Assignment

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Management and Leadership

John Preis

Being a leader and manager may seem the same because they are both position in leadership but they are very different. Good traits of leader are understanding, open minded, stern but not hard headed, focused, willing to take well thought out risks and approachable. The different between a leader and a manager is very simple, good management skills. The role of a leader is to lead the team into victory by managing time, people and resources. A leader sees a goal and works towards that goal with a lot of moving parts being managed by other sources, a manager’s role is to manage a task and see it through to completion. Being a manager means to be organized, precise and detailed. I know they sound the same but not all managers can be leaders, some managers do a better job being the worker instead of the boss.

Leaders lead by mobilizing people around a compelling vision of the future, by inspiring them to follow in the leader's footsteps. They show people what's possible and motivate them to make those possibilities real. They energize and focus people in ways that fulfill their dreams, give them a sense of purpose, and leave them with a profound sense of accomplishment when the work is done. Leaders lead by modeling ways of thinking or acting and by encouraging new ways of looking at situations, and by so doing they give people the words and the courage to make those new ways their own. The best leaders are teachers, mentors, and role models and they accomplish the vast majority of their work through influence, not authority ("Influence And Leadership", n.d.). In my organization their are leaders on different paygrade levels that do not care about their level, they treat us like equals and it really works. It allows us to see them as coworkers not bosses but of course respect must be maintained. My leaders have a major effect because the workers represent the organizations culture, so if our leaders treat us in a bad way, the culture and moral will be a bad one and vice versa. The best way to maintain positive results in any organization is equality and respect among co-workers. I am not saying equality regardless of rank or pay grade but equality regarding employment.

The leadership of my organization achieve their goals in my different way, each way is a great way of their representation of appreciation. One way they achieve their goals is by giving us incentives, since we drive 45% of the time my company gives company allows to choose from a list of gifts if we have 1 million hours of driving without an accident of any type. The gifts vary from camping supplies, electronics, clothing, office equipment and so much more. We get a free gift and they achieve their company goal, another way involves money. Each tech had a budget they that maintain throughout the year, if we (as a group - southwest) save money on each quarter, we all get random gift cards to use at our leisure .

One of the great engines of globalization is the expansion of companies across borders through mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures and subsidiaries. You might have expected these link-ups to result in a sort of standardized corporate culture, an all-encompassing lingua franca of the global worker. But clashes of culture are persisting, and even multiplying. "It's pretty much a mixed salad," said Lynn Paine, a professor of business administration at Harvard University. "What I see is a growing convergence around what you might call some kind of minimum standards, but around that there's still a lot of variety in the corporate and national culture." There is no set formula for exporting a style of management from one country to another, Paine said. Every case is different. Often the problem has to do with how hierarchies are traditionally structured ("Leadership Is Not The Same As Management", 2011-2014).

One of the great engines of...

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