Mgt330 Management, Theory, Practice, and Application

Topics: Management, Leadership, Planning Pages: 4 (1164 words) Published: September 5, 2006
MGT/330 Management, Theory, Practice, and Application

Wendy Johnson
June 19, 2003

Management Functions

In my explanation of the four management functions, I will explore how they apply to my organization, my supervisor, and my position. The planning, organization, leading, and controlling aspects of management are what I will discuss in this paper. The fact that I am not a manager in my organization will pose only a small inconvenience and a minor distraction in the completion of my task. I can assume the role of the manager and thereby circumvent the difficulty not having the position might otherwise bring to this assignment. I will also be able to relate to the results as it applies to the managed. In this paper, I will try to present as complete a picture of the four functions as I am able in this brief mission. Planning

Planning is the first on the list for a good reason. Nothing good happens in business without a plan. No money will change hands until there is a plan to follow. Financial institutions or backers will not usually write a check for support unless they see a plan that they can believe in. These institutions are not likely to respond to a request unless they believe a plan will get them a return on their investment or the repayment of a loan. Since I am writing about an existing business, the problems regarding initial finance will have already been surmounted. The manufacturing industry for instance, runs on planning. From the suppliers and vendors to receiving, production and shipping, all aspects of the process must follow a plan. Planning in this environment even has its own department and carrier path. Managing a production floor where labor and production are the same begins with a plan. Knowing where, how and when to assign employees to make the optimal use of the skills they have are a matter of planning. A manager will need to be able to apply his or her judgment in this endeavor to make the best use of the assets in...

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