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Submittal Cover Sheet

Date: January 10 2011
Student Name: James Roberts
Student ID Number: 000178297
Student Degree Program: Information Technology
Student Email:
Four Digit Assessment/Project Code: CAPU
Mentor Name: Michael Cohen
For Revisions Only Indicate Previous Grader:
Submissions received with an altered, incomplete or missing cover sheet will be returned for resubmission. Submit to:
Western Governors University
Attn.: Assessment Delivery Department
4001 South 700 East, Suite 700
Salt Lake City, Utah 84107-2533
Capstone Project Cover Sheet

Capstone Project Title: Cutting the Cable Cord

Student Name: James Roberts

Degree Program: Information Technology

Mentor Name: Michael Cohen

Signature Block
Student’s Signature

Mentor’s Signature

Table of Contents

Capstone Report Summary4
Review of Other Work6
Rationale and Systems Analysis8
Goals and Objectives10
Project Timeline15
Project Development18
References 22
Appendix 1: Competency Matrix 23
Appendix 2: Financial Breakdown25
Appendix 3: Initial Network Configuration26
Appendix 4: Final Network Configuration27

Capstone Report Summary
“Anyone who gets cable TV or satellite in the U.S. has noticed a pronounced trend over the years: their monthly bill keeps going up” (Glasier, 2010).
The trend towards rising cable prices is something that I have myself become increasingly frustrated with, as my cable bill has climbed from a manageable $15 a month 15 years ago to an insanely high $150+ a month today. That is a 900% rate of inflation which substantially outpaced the approximately 150% increase in my salary over the same period.

After making the above calculations, I decided that the price I was paying for television programming was unacceptable, and I set out to cut my bill by at least 50%. In addition to my goal of lowering my monthly bill, this project seemed like the perfect time for my wife and me to make a list of programs that we did not want the children viewing, while at the same time implementing controls to deny access to programming we felt was inappropriate.

My initial approach to this project was try to identify a way to cut costs simply by making changes via the subscription package offerings of my current provider or one of their competitors. I spent several hours researching new customer and channel package offerings before coming to the conclusion that this was not a viable path forward as many of my “must have” channel choices existed only in the most expensive programming package tiers.

This meant that while I might be able to achieve moderate short-term savings via promotional offerings, there was no way for me to realize any significant long-term savings unless I was willing to cut the cable cord entirely.

I then began to research alternate solutions and eventually concluded that an over-the-air and web-based streaming solution was the way to go. This would require a significant short-term investment in time and money, as I would need to make several changes to my current home environment. After running the numbers, my calculations indicated that the required changes would pay for themselves within approximately 2 years, which I considered an acceptable timeframe.

The first challenge was finding acceptable and reliable sources of programming content. After extensive internet research, I determined that my primary sources of television programming would be an-over-the air antenna supplemented by web content from the content provider websites and sites such as and

Once reliable programming sources were located, the next step was determining what changes would be needed in my current infrastructure to take full advantage of the programming available.
The primary and requirement to make this work was the installation of some form...

References: Mark Glaser. (January 8 2010). Your guide to cutting the cord to cable tv. In mediashift. Retrieved 12/31/2010, from
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