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MGT B399

Unit 1
of strategic


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Strategic management: An overview


The strategic management process
The promise and limitations of strategic management
Origins of strategic management


The core issues of strategic management: firm performance
and competitive advantage
Firm performance
Towards a model of firm performance
Competitive advantage


Strategic intent, the mission statement and the work of
strategic leaders


Analysing case studies in strategic management






Suggested answers to self-tests


Strategic intent
The mission statement
The role of strategic leaders

Stage one: Overview and identification of strategic issues
Stage two: Detailed examination of strategic issues
Stage three: Synthesis and conclusion


Unit 1

Welcome to MGT B399 Management Policy and Strategy. As a capstone course, MGT B399 is challenging, and requires critical thinking and analysis. Setting policy and strategy for a firm or organization is the main function of top management and the ultimate purpose of this course is to help you to develop a way of thinking that is suitable for someone holding a senior management position.

To achieve this purpose, we shall use the theories and tools of strategic management. Strategic management is a relatively young discipline. The main purpose of this unit is to introduce the history, nature and key concepts of strategic management.

More specifically, this unit:

identifies and describes the core issues of strategic management;

summarizes the history of strategic management;

outlines and delineates the scope of strategic management and the strategic management process;

describes and explains the core concepts of value, sustainable competitive advantage, positioning, resources and capabilities, strategic mission and strategic intent; and

describes the process of case analysis.

This unit will also introduce the case study method, a method which will help you to apply and assimilate the theories and tools of strategic management.
As shown in the Course Guide, two weeks of study are allocated to Unit 1. You are required to read the following from your textbook, Barney, J and Hesterly, W (2012) Strategic Management and
Competitive Advantage: Concepts and Cases, 4th edn, Pearson: •

Chapter 1

Appendix: ‘Analyzing cases and preparing for class discussions’, 361–64.

In addition, you are strongly encouraged to read Readings 1.1 and 1.2 listed at the end of the first section of this unit.



MGT B399 Management Policy and Strategy

Strategic management: An
As a capstone course for the BBA programme, MGT B399 Management Policy and Strategy is equivalent to ‘strategic management’ or ‘business policy’ courses offered at other universities. Courses in strategy are capstone courses because they take a holistic view of organization and business functions. Let’s begin our discussion...

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Unit 1
Wright, P, Kroll, M J and Parnell, J (1998) Strategic Management:
By extending its reach (through the Island Line in 1985) and providing
more direct links (the Eastern Harbour Crossing connecting Lam Tin to
Quarry Bay in 1989, Tung Chung Line in 1998 and Tseung Kwan O Line
in 2002), the MTR increased its catchment area, and consequently its
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