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Topics: Motivation, Psychology, Personality test Pages: 2 (641 words) Published: September 23, 2012

Your examination will consist of two types of questions – short-answer (worth 40%) and application (worth 60%) essays. The type of short-answer questions you may see are given below….

Sample Short-Answer Questions:

1. How might self-efficacy impact the Pygmalion Effect? Explain. 2. What is meant by internal and external equity and how is each achieved in organizations? 3. Differentiate between (a) content, and (b) process theories of motivation. 4. In Equity theory, what are two possible outcomes/ratios? What can an employee do to deal with inequity when it occurs? 5. How does Herzberg’s view of satisfaction/dissatisfaction differ from traditional views? How is his theory applied in practice? (note specifically, the steps outlined in your reading article for “job enrichment”). 6. Discuss how Porter and Lawler would respond to the comment “High levels of job satisfaction lead to high levels of employee performance.” 7. What are the three characteristics of high achievers? How can McClelland’s theory be applied in practice? 8. What is shaping as it is used in behavior modification? (this will be discussed Friday before your quiz) 9. What are the similarities between Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and Elderfer’s extension of this theory? 10. Define what is meant by personality. Give two examples of personality tests and describe some of the issues associated with using such measures to understand organizational outcome variables (such as performance). 11. How does EQ relate to traditional conceptualization of IQ? What are the elements associated with EQ? 12. Define and give an example of four perceptual biases.

13. One of your readings discusses statewide differences in personality. What were some of the findings with respect to social and psychological determinants of health, and specifically, what evidence was found with respect to personality characteristics and...
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