MGT 522 Week Two Assignment

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How to Recruit a Nurse; Lenox Hill Hospital
Between The Sticks
MGT522 - Management of Human Resources
September 7, 2014
How to Recruit a Nurse; Lenox Hill Hospital
One of the main responsibilities for a human resource manager is to recruit new employees who perfectly fit the needs of your growing company. Advertising job openings correctly is very important in order to catch the attention of the individual’s who are best suited for your company’s needs. There are several avenues available to companies to post a job including electronic and printed resources (Dessler, 2013).

Lenox Hill Hospital is committed to providing a high standard of patient care to a socio-economically and ethnically diverse patient population, with multi-lingual translators available 24 hours a day.

Newspaper Ad
Proper advertisement when posting a job is important in order to ensure the correct people know of your company’s job opening. A printed ad in the newspaper is a tradition way to post a new job. Dessler (2013) explains newspaper ads are a common source for low-level administrative, clergy help, and blue-collar positions. Newspaper ads can vary in size and detail depending on the needs of the company. Job title, location, description, necessary education level, full-time versus part-time position, and pay grade are a few suggestions as to what information one should communicate through a newspaper ad (“Job Ad Template”). Lenox Hill Hospital has several jobs available varying in education level and salary level therefore it would be best to direct readers to their website or offer a phone number for more detailed job descriptions. The following would be a good example of a newspaper ad highlighting the various needs of Lenox Hill Hospital (Careers, 2014); Nursing Professionals Needed

Lenox Hill Hospital located in New York, NY
Full Time & Part Time Positions Offered
Varies Education Levels & Pay Levels Available
or Please call 212-434-2000
For More Information

Geographic Editions:
Publicized in editions that are found in large cities outside of the Greater NY Metropolitan area Attracts applicants world-wide
Emphasizes the need for nurses in New York City
Publicized locally where Lenox Hill Hospital is located
Bronx, New Jersey, Queens, Manhattan, Brooklyn and more.
Accomplishments and awards should be promoted and published as well. Online Recruiting Strategy
Overall the Lenox Hill/North Shore careers website is extremely impressive and seems to offer everything an applicant needs to obtain information in order to make an informed decision on applying for a role within this organization. The career page was easy to find from the main website page with one click into the site from the home page. This easy access to get to the careers page is highly recommended (Dessler, 2013). Lenox Hill Hospital’s website page offers many advances that a lot of companies do not offer, such as the “Job Recommendations for you” tab. This technology is not currently in practice at Owens-Corning, Owens-Illinois or Promedica Health System, the three largest employers in the Toledo, OH proper area. According to Dessler (2013) it is a good practice to include a component that allows an applicant to assess their background as a fit for a specific role. The recommendation search function allows for this by using the sophistication of this tool. North Shore also takes advantage of social media techniques by allowing applicants to find their perfect job fit by logging in with their Facebook or LinkedIn accounts. This practice makes it easier for applicants to apply and North Shore is benefiting from this practice by capitalizing on this idea as described by Dessler (2013). Dessler (2013) also calls an action for the use of employee testimonials on a company career website to assist with the “sell” of the company. North Shore does this...

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