Mgt 498 Week 3

Topics: Management, Strategic management, Business Pages: 2 (498 words) Published: March 10, 2013
Team “C” Weekly Reflection
Estrella Arriaga, Billie Cassidy, Deongello Clayton, Stephanie Martinez, Brian Peters MGT/498
February 26, 2013
Vijay Parmar

Team “C” Weekly Reflection
Team “C” will discuss this week’s objectives as a team. This discussion should include the topics each team member feel comfortable with, any topics they struggled with and how the weekly topics relate to application in his or her field. Corporate strategy is about the direction a company takes, when it comes to business management and its product portfolio. The main concern here is how to manage many different product lines at the same time from manufacturing to the marketplace. A company needs to decide what the most important maximum value is. This of course in the company’s goal end ,is to make money and are able to look at the market and manage product lines to maximize profits will be how a company manages their corporate strategy. This companies can benefit in four basic ways increased market size, greater returns on major capital investments or on investments in new products and processes; greater economies of scale, scope, or learning; and a competitive advantage through location this example are access to low-cost labor, critical resources, or customers Discoveries of corporate strategies. Example can be originated with the Nike Company, its primary business in selling athletic shoes evolved into how Nike became a sustaining profitable growth market. The Nike Corporation pushed-out of their boundaries, around its core business into adjacent, creating the common vertex needed within Nike businesses. Nike’s growth strategies expanded boundaries in a predictable and repeatable manner, eventually into a global distributor. Another example of an organizational strategy is corporate parenting. A company can take to bring synergy and growth and establish long-term value based relationships with its partnering company. Financial returns for the corporations investors is...
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