MGT 437 Week 5 Learning Team Assignment Project Implementation

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This paperwork MGT 437 Week 5 Learning Team Assignment Project Implementation, Control, and Termination Paper includes review of the following parts:

1. Project Proposal Paper and Presentation

2. Background

3. Statement of Need

4. Scope of Project

5. Project Stakeholders

6. Budget

7. Project Goals in Terms of Triple Constraint

8. Project Performance

9. Project Planning: Technical Paper

10. SOW Review

11. Specific Tasks/Resources

12. Comparison of Network Results to Triple Constraint:

13. Summary

14. Special Olympics Project Proposal

Business - Management
Learning Team

Project Implementation, Control, and Termination Paper

Resource: Week One Project

Use the same project selected in Week One and any information previously gathered. Prepare a 5,250- to 7,000-word cumulative paper in which you update each component of your previous papers, and include the following:

·  Project Proposal Paper

·  Project Planning – Technical Paper

·  Project Planning – Human Capital Paper

Compile your paper and address the following additional components:

·  Overall evaluation of the project: In particular, how did you do against the triple constraints?

o  Timing

o  Budget

o  Project specifications

·  Steps taken to return the human resources to the organization: For projects that had people assigned full time, what are their new full time assignments?

·  Input for future projects:

o  What went right with the project that must be repeated with the next project?

o  What went wrong that must be corrected with the next project?

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

Research and reference citations required for every paper

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