MGT 216 Final Exam 2

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MGT216 Final Exam 1
1) Which of the following are correct steps and order of steps in the ethical decision-making process? A.Moral consideration, moral decision, and moral behavior.
B.Moral judgement, moral awareness, and moral behavior.
C.Moral awareness, more cognition, and moral behavior.
D.Moral awareness, moral judgement, and moral behavior.
2) Discarding the few “bad apples” will solve all the ethical problems within an organization. A.False
3) Which of the following statements is FALSE?
A.Interest in business ethics began in the 1960s as researchers surveyed managers’ attitudes toward business ethics. B.The majority of companies now offer ethics training
C.When entering a new job, most students believe they need to check their ethics at the door. D.The proliferation of unethical behavior is a problem primarily in American business organizations. 4) According to cognitive moral development theory, individuals move to a higher moral development stage. A.An individual’s level of moral reasoning does not change after he or she becomes an adult. B.Every time they encounter a more difficult ethical dilemma. C.When there is a contradiction between his or her current moral reasoning stage and the next higher one. D.As they grow older.

5) The type of language used when describing a situation affects moral awareness A.True
6) Ethical conflict is almost exclusively influenced by individual differences. A.True
7) The _________________ states that an ethical decision should maximize benefits to society and minimize harms. A.Principle of utility
B.Principle of value
C.Theory of cost-benefit analysis
D.Principle of efficacy
8) The _______________ approach to ethical decision making focuses on how people actually make decisions. A.Regulatory
10) According to a national opinion survey, identify the goal that employees did NOT rank among the top five. A.Ethical corporate behavior
B.Honest company communications
C.Good pay
D.Respectful treatment
11) The U.S. sentencing guidelines use a “carrot and stick” approach to managing corporate crime. What is meant by the use of “carrot” and “stick”? A.The carrot dangles at the end of the stick as an incentive for organizations to behave ethically. B.The carrot refers to the guidelines as “food for thought” and the stick refers to the punishment if the guidelines are not followed. C.The carrot refer to incentives in the guidelines for behaving ethically and the stick refers to the punishment if the guidelines are not followed, D.None of the above.

12) In the ___________ perspective, social responsibility is primarily a means of avoiding economic harm that can be imposed by multiple stakeholders. A.Duty based
13) People are rational economic actors motivated solely by self-interest. A.True
14) An organization can be convicted of a crime even if only one employee breaks the law. A.True
15) Unlike managers, employees are generally not concerned about the ethical behavior of the organization they work for. A.True
16) Which of the following is TRUE?
A.Employees tend to be rewarded for engaging in specific ethical behaviors B.Rewards are better to control short-run ethical behavior.
C.Rewards set the tone for what is expected and rewarded in the long term. D.Punishment is an inherently bad practice.
17) Which of the following is FALSE?
A.Roles reduce a person’s sense of individuality.
B.Conflicting role expectations can cause increased incidences of lying. C.People enter organizations in a state of “role readiness.” D.Managers do not have roles as much as their subordinates do. 18) The Tailhook Scandal is an example of:

A.The ethical Pygmalian effect.
B.Employees ignoring management’s clear message.
C.Management focusing too much on the ends rather than the means. D.Social learning...
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