MGMT90140 2015 S1 TeamAssessment 2

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MGMT90140 Management Competencies
Team Assessment Guidelines
Assessment Overview
Assessment Submission Details & Weighting
This is a team assessment that will contribute 30% to your overall grade in the subject. Due Date:
Due on Saturday 2nd May by 6pm
• Submit one soft copy per team via Turnitin (link on LMS). Please attach a team assignment cover sheet which can be downloaded from LMS.
Overall Word Length:
• 3000 words (+/- 10%)
Team Report Component Weighting:
• Identification of the key issue/s 20%
• Integration of theory 20%
• Alternatives analysis 10%
• Recommendations 30%
• Logic 10%
• 10% is awarded based on grammar, format, layout, word count etc. Overall Assessment Weighting:

80% based on the grade received for the team report
20% team report grade multiplied by the individual’s average peer rating

Peer rating:
Once the report has been submitted each student will be required to provide peer feedback on all team members in the form of a rating.
The final team assessment grade will be based on a combination of the grade the team receives for their report and peer feedback (see below for more information on the calculation). You are required to complete the peer review by Monday 4th May by 6pm. Failure to provide peer feedback will result in a penalty to your own grade.

Assessment Objectives
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Melbourne Business School
Department of Management & Marketing
MGMT90148 Consulting Research Seminar
Prepared by Heather Round

MGMT90140 Management Competencies
Team Assessment Guidelines
The purpose of this task is to provide you with the opportunity to apply theoretical concepts covered in the class to a real-life situation. This task also gives you the opportunity to work collaboratively and develop teams based skills.

Key learning outcomes of the task are:
Analytical thinking and problem solving
Decision making
Application of theory to a real life situation
Communication skills
Building effective teams

Assessment Task
This assessment is based on the case called “Teamwork Turmoil” which describes a university learning team. You will be acting as the consulting team who has been hired by senior members of the academic board to assess the situation. The board is particularly interested in looking into the current team mentor program (of which Tony Marshal has been singled out as an example) as well as the actual situation that has arisen in this specific learning team. You need to produce a report to advise the academic board what changes can be made to improve the situation. Note that your report may be sent to a wider audience than just the academic board and as such you need to consider your tone and content of your report carefully. This assignment will be completed by groups of 4 students.

Read the case and answer the following questions:
1. What are the key issues in the case?
2. Analyze the issues using concepts discussed in the subject. 3. What are some alternative courses of action, what decision criteria will you use to decide what to recommend?
4. What recommendations would you make?
Your report need to contain the following sections:

Executive summary
Problem identification and analysis
Statement of alternatives and evaluation of these

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Melbourne Business School
Department of Management & Marketing
MGMT90148 Consulting Research Seminar
Prepared by Heather Round

MGMT90140 Management Competencies
Team Assessment Guidelines

Appendixes (if necessary)

In addition teams need to consider the layout and presentation of the report to ensure that it is of a professional standard. This includes (but is not limited to) aspects such as spelling and grammar checking, formatting and the use of supporting graphics.

Peer Mark Instructions and Criteria
Once your team has submitted your assignment you will have 2 days to enter peer feedback....
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