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Les Mills is a fitness chain founded by New Zealand pioneer Phillip Mills, with the mission to improve the life of New Zealanders. Currently sitting as the dominant competitor in an industry filled with competition, Les Mills applies strategic management processes to keep at the top of the game. Strategic management is the process organizations undertake; in which developed strategies are implemented to accomplish goals and competitive advantage. Les Mills uses the 3 steps of strategic management including strategic analysis- assessing the competitive position, strategy formulation- creating the strategies and finally strategy implementation- putting the strategies into place to successfully accomplish long-term goals (Schermerhorn et al .,2010,p.239). Examining external and internal environments allows Les Mills to compare their strengths and weaknesses within the organisation to make informed decisions CITATION Asknd \l 1033 (, n.d). At present, Les Mills has directly contributed to the growth of the fitness market, being described as the world leader in the fitness revolution. By conducting analysis of Les Mills, which includes SWOT analysis, PEST analysis and Porters five forces, the Les Mills organisation can have even more success in implementing new strategies that will benefit the company and its customers, leading to an overall competitive advantage. Les mills aims to be worlds best fitness club offering world-renowned programs, services, and an experience that will compete with no other. Strategic direction is the course of actions that lead to the attainment of set goals and in Les Mills’s case, the opportunity of expansion. The commissioned White Paper report entailing future strategic movements means that Les Mills as an organisation will have the one step up against other gyms in a very competitive market. With a clear priority on the relationship between its customers and staff, Les Mills creates member events as part of a ‘club within a...

Bibliography: BIBLIOGRAPHY Schermerhorn, J. R. ., Davidson, P., Woods, P., Simon, A., Poole, D., McBarron, E. (2010). Managment: A VMS Approach. Milton, 2nd Asia Pacific Edition ,Qld: John Wiley & Sons Australia Ltd.
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