MGMT1001 spot collection week 3

Topics: Management, Supply chain management, Control Pages: 2 (677 words) Published: October 10, 2013
Spot Collection – Week 3, Tutorial 2

i) Textbook question: answer question 2 in the ‘Discussion Questions’ for the case study Managing McDonalds Australia’ on page 36. As of May 2010, Catriona Noble’s role as managing director/CEO of McDonalds Australia is to oversee and involve herself in the various functions of the business on a national and global scale. These include areas such as marketing, business planning, operational management, dealing with public affairs and many other elements that make a company such as McDonalds so successful worldwide. In terms of planning, Noble undertakes activities such as reviewing the McDonalds menu and deciding on healthier options, as well as constructing and modifying the 5 year plan. Noble then uses this planning to organise the changes to be made; an example being her implementing extended trading hours across various Australian McDonalds restaurants. In terms of leading, Noble aims to set an example for the McDonalds franchise, embracing and initiating change as well as leading the ongoing development of the business plan and the company on a national level. She controls areas of the business such as marketing, operations and supply chain management, as well as implementing control by dictating changes in the company. This would differ for a first assistant manager at McDonalds as they would not plan or organise as much, but rather lead and control their individual team. This is because they are focusing on the McDonalds restaurant they are responsible for (I.e. how to improve sales, etc.), as opposed to the bigger picture of the McDonalds franchise.

ii) Write 200 words summarizing Cunliffe’s argument
Cunliffe’s argument is that there are many different constructed viewpoints around the term ‘manager’ and ‘management’, and that management theory in history shows a progression of how managers behave and how that behaviour has changed over time. He acknowledges the phases of how managers are viewed by theorists...
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