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Topics: High school, School district, Superintendent Pages: 2 (1222 words) Published: October 21, 2014
Project Proposal Stacy Sullivan Sept. 13, 2014 Carr My project proposal will cover the high turnover rate at my company in paraprofessional/auxiliary positions and in particular, my department. The high turnover rate is due to lack of communication from management. I would like to discuss possible solutions and how each TCO from this course could possibly be a factor. In order to begin discussing turnover, I have to first give a brief description of current processes. Overview of Organization The organization that will be the topic of discussion in my final project paper is Frisco Independent School District, HR Department. The school districts history dates back to 1876 before the railroad and the town arrived. From then until 1902, students in the area attended small schoolhouses such as Bass School, named after teacher Marinda Bass family, who owned the land the school was on. A fire claimed the school in 1878 and it was rebuilt. Six years later it was moved east to farmland owned by James Howard and it became known as the Howard School and the center of the Farmers School District. Other community schools serving areas now in the FISD included Lebanon School, Erudia, Robertson School, Robinson School, and the Hamilton School, which served black students before integration in 1965. In 1902, the community of Frisco began to emerge and the school district took that name as well. ( HYPERLINK http// http// No district in the state and nation has grown faster on a percentage basis in the past 20 years (1990-91-2010-11). Only 23 districts in the nation and three in the state have added more actual students in that same time period. Only 105 school districts in the state have an enrollment higher than 10,000 students Frisco ISD will be among the top 20 largest districts in the state this year.. It is the 135th largest district in the nation based on 2011-12 data. Frisco ISD is at the...
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