MGMT 591 Final Course Project

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Challenges of an Organization Adapting to Change
Deborah Simmonds
2296 Waters Run Decatur GA. 30035
MGMT 591 – Leadership and Organizational Behavior
August 20, 2012
Prof. Joseph Plumley

Project Outline


Problem Statement

Literature Review





I.    Introduction
A. Identify the organization
1. Brief overview of the organization
The organization that will be the topic of discussion in my final project is Piedmont Heart Institute. Building on more than a century of experience, they employ more than 85 prominent cardiovascular physicians therefore forming one of the premier cardiac centers in the region by bringing together three of the largest cardiology practices in the region. Piedmont Heart Institute was formed so that they could provide patients with a new and innovative place for care. Like many healthcare facilities, Piedmont Heart Institute went through a big lay off in 2010 and not only was locations shut down but it caused the layoff of quite a lot of employees. They went from being a stand-alone company to now being a part of a larger entity Piedmont Hospital. With the layoff’s, Piedmont Heart Institute lost a lot of employees that were highly valuable and cannot be replaced which means jobs are getting dropped by the way side. As an entity operating under the umbrella of Piedmont Hospital, Piedmont Heart Institute has pledge to become the top 10 hospital in 10 years and they are well on their way to do so. They have hired some of the top physicians from all over the country to add to the already excellent physicians on staff. The cutting edge services that they are offering to the patient’s range from Cardiac care, Heart transplant services, Heart cauterization, EP (Electrophysiological) services just to name a few. 2.  Identify your role within organization

Currently I work as a Medical Assistant III/Scheduler in the Surgical Department at the Piedmont Heart Institute. I see patients in the clinic, schedule appointments and surgeries in the operating room and handing the colander of one physician. I started with them back in January of 2008 when I relocated here from New York. I have been through at least two layoffs with this organization and being there when the layoffs were going on it was not a good thing. Even today people are still talking about it because it was so difficult to see people you have worked with for so long leave. As employees we felt we did not have a say in anything that was taking place and just had to go with the flow.

3.  Identify issues, events, and actions that contributed to problem being discussed The organizational problem that I will research and resolve would be to analyze the changes that was made when the three cardiology practices came together to form one. I will discuss what went wrong, what went well if anything and then provide solutions to what should have happened to make this a success. This was not an easy task and caused numerous problems from the confusion of the patients to the packing in of employees. The problems they had was that after combining the groups other employees had to take on more responsibility which was not something that they liked and then with talk of the layoffs people started to looking for work and leaving. There was the lack of communication of everything that was taking place until the last minute. This has employees in fear of what was to come. To the employees it felt like the managers cared more about their jobs than the employees. Prior to combing these three groups, there were representation from each of the groups involved trying to make sure that the best interest of the employees were taken into considerations. Now that seemed to have worked for some time but once everyone was moved into the same location that was where the problem...

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