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Case Study Week 3 – Building a Coalition
Part I: Group Development
The state that this group is at right now is the “storming stage”(Robbins & Judge, 2013). Even though there are clear differences on the thinking of different groups of how to implement the after school program or who should head it, the common goal is still to meet the needs of the students and to better their learning and scores. The Woodson Foundation, the school and the NCPIE are coming together to form a development team but is having conflict on who will control the group and this is clearly a sign that the group is in its “storming stage”. If the group knew that there are five stages to fully become a functional group, they may come into an agreement to move onwards to “norming stage” (when the group demonstrates cohesiveness), “performing stage” (fully functioning and understand the task at hand), and finally “adjourning stage” (final stage for temporary groups, succeeding in this project, separate the group and moving on to another). They would probably chose to work together knowing the stages and work towards the goal (final stage) which is forming a functional after school program rather than debating on who should have more say in this program and not getting the actual goal accomplished. Part II: Problem Identification

The primary problem that Woodson Foundation faces is that the school and the NCPIE both have their own interests and would like things to be controlled their way. The school is afraid that if Woodson controls the situation, jobs going to the new system will be taken funding from other school jobs and they will lose control with their school board policies. The NCPIE wants to increase parental control and use their own educational methods with the students. Woodson’s goal is more clear cut, it just wants to efficiency build this after school program with the minimal cost. If Woodson does not pull everyone together to see the clear goal, this may drag on and time...
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