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According to Devine (2011), Intellectual Property are of four kinds -- copyrights, patents, trade secrets, and trademarks. The same source mentioned that copyright is a form in intellectual property that protects the original authors of both published and unpublished creations. Copyrights have to do with someone writing or making something and have the rights to the article to call it theres. Patents are kind of the same thing the only difference is you came up with the idea and are now trying to sell the idea, trade secrets are you working for a company and having to hold yourself to the to not telling anything. Trademark is like what is on certain things such as the Christian Loubotin shoes he has a trademark that no other designer can have on there shoes they can come close but they can not have is trademark that is how everyone can identify what his shoes look like. Please see picture below.

A poem is a form of intellectual property the question is what kind? If you notice in the first part I stated the different kinds of property there were. Well a poem is going to be copyright intellectual property the reason for it being is because it is a piece of work published by someone and they have the rights to it. I actual have published a poem and I have a certifcate showing that I own the poem that the poem is mine and I have the copyrights to it. So we can postively say that a poem is copyright property. Copyright infringement occurs when someone claims someone else work to be his/hers own. Like when a song writer takes words from other people songs that is an example of copyright infringement. In most cases you see this kind of copyright a lot in music or art it is so easy to take someone else music and say it is your own. You can not do that with papers, or poem just because it is harder to do when there are certain tools in place to detact if the works is yours or not. Copyright infringement occurs if the infringing work is 'substantially similar' to the...

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