MGM Grand Case Study: Maintaining Employee Engagement

Topics: Management, Las Vegas Strip, Organizational studies and human resource management Pages: 3 (840 words) Published: May 11, 2015
1. How did the MGM Grand use employee surveys to enhance employee engagement? From the survey of 10,000 employees, MGM Grand president Gamal Aziz realized that the hotel staff lacked of some very basic information such as: daily events in the hotel, what the hotel had to offer those particular guest or what conventions were at the hotel. This made employees feel lost and dissatisfied since management was distant and unresponsive. To enhance employee engagement, Aziz held a short meeting at the start of every shift in which every employee is given a rundown of what’s happening in the hotel that day. It’s a simple concept but it helps. Now the hotel staffs know what are expected from them to be done, their jobs will be easier. Furthermore, the survey also showed that the number-one thing that engages employees is senior management’s interest in their well-being and MGM Grand management was doing it alright. In addition, MGM Grand had a lot of programs to support their employees: - Organizing dozens of classes on an invitation-only basis for high achievement. - Six-month course called REACH! on basic supervisor skill for ambitious hourly workers. - The MGM Grand Leadership Institute 24-week program for executive. Beside the applications described, how else could surveys employee satisfaction and retention at the hotel/casino? - Monitor trends and prevent voluntary turnover. For example periodic survey measuring the satisfaction or dissatisfaction of employees and reasons of it will help managers understand more about the situation of employees, their needs, their expectation so managers can address it on time in order to keep employees, especially high value employees, happy. - After a change. A survey collecting opinions of employees about a specific change such as merger, new training or developing program, new paying level,… in hotel/ casino will help managers know about good and bad sides of the change,...
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